24 July 2006


1 - nuclear sattelites

Escalating Mideast Conflict: Will Earth Survive?


Military satellites are very vulnerable. As we learned at our conference the easiest way to paralyze the entire U.S. space satellite system in low Earth orbit is by detonating a nuclear weapon at that level above the Earth to produce radiation in the belt where the satellites orbit. The satellites built to function for 10 years will then all die a slow death over just a few weeks as they pass through the most irradiated areas.

And if you detonate a single nuclear weapon in the upper atmosphere you will produce an electric magnetic pulse, or EMP. One nuclear weapon detonated in near space would therefore melt down the entire electronic communications network of the United States.

What is the REAL reason for the war on Lebanon? (WATER)


Few Americans understand this, because few Americans can imagine living in a region where the demand for water exceeds supply. But this natural resource has long been at the real root of Israeli/Lebanese conflict.

Few in the West now recalls that in 2002, Uri Saguy -- head of the Israeli water suppply, as well as the former head of Israeli military intelligence -- warned that "war or forceful confrontation" would result if Lebanon continued to access its own water.

We have growing indications of Israeli chemical warfare. Bachir Cham, a Belgian/Lebanese doctor who runs a hospital in Lebanon, offers this report:

"The bodies don't look like they normally do. After an explosion there were no traces of blood loss or subcutaneous haemorrhages [bruises]," Cham said via mobile phone direct from Beirut.

"The hair and sometimes the beard and the moustache remained intact. I found no traces of the pressure wave by the explosion. The colour of the skin was black like a shoe, but the skin was not carbonised or burnt."

Pentagon Studies Blogs as Terror-Fighting Tool


...the creation of a "topic-specific blog search and analytic tool that will apply novel metrics" to analyze links and patterns within the blogosphere, according to Ulicny. Those patterns include the content of blogs as well as hyperlinks contained within them. "The focus will be on those that are part of the national security and foreign relations domain."

Sterling: true believing fanatics of the Bush kind


This triumvirate has, as noted, political, economic and cultural ramifications. A culture of cement headed fanatics is no the same as a culture of hard headed businessmen, let alone pointy headed academics. Its shape is different. It is able to function in an environment of suspended rules, because the "rules" mean nothing to them. The cognitive dissonance that people who believe what they observe and intuit does not touch them. They, unlike Wiley Coyote, never look down. They do not see the world, because they do not believe in it. If told to fix the numbers, they feel no guilt or shame, they do not need blue ribbon commissions for cover, they simply turn up the heat and simmer the books a bit longer.

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