24 July 2006


Go Maggie!

This from
Maggie at the Melbourne Age forum (#):

I hate to say this but the reason Hezbollah has been attacking Israel for so long despite the 'fact' that the Lebanese government is not condoning it, although it is not doing much to stop it either is because the Lebanese people are helping to hide them. If the Lebanese people every time they saw a Hezbollah dobbed them in did not hide them told the Lebanese government where their hide outs are this would not happen.

How do we stop this?

I don't think we should it is not up to us but I think we should let Israel finish its offensive without interference and I think Israel should hit hard.

Yes this means 100,000 killed.

I think once it is over no longer will the Lebanese see these terrorists and rouges who like to constantly stir the pot as their saviours and then maybe in the future when there are constant trouble makers they will not hide them but will reveal who they are and get rid of them.

These constant terrorist acts within countries will not stop if the US stops interfering (although I wish they would)

It will not stop if we give those country billions in aid.

It will not stop until people in those countries stop allowing little groups with little gripes who cannot get over the past and constantly have to wreck any peace for their own agendas.

It will not stop until people in those countries stop them i.e. dob them in and stop protecting them.

The problem with peace in this world is not religion, it is not America, it is not Russia it is small groups not being reigned in by the majority holding the majority to Ransom and it is easy to stop them. If you know them dob them in do not hide them. You do not have to fight them or hold a gun just quietly go to your government and dob them in.

Now if a country is behind them then fight this battle behind your countries coat of Arms.

* Posted by: maggie at July 24, 2006 08:22 AM

Go Maggie!

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