10 November 2006


911 pentagon oddities

I was starting to come round to a LIHOP ("they let it happen") view on 911. But Carol A. Valentine's account of the seven minute fire at the Pentagon has changed all that and I'm right back to strong MIHOP ("they made it happen").

Valentine argues that a sham rescue was carried out at the Pentagon on 9-11 as a cover for the murder of military intelligence personnel. This explosive claim is based on multiple evidence contradictions.

But first, let's review what Valentine says about the Pentagon fires:

* The authorities sprayed the aviation fuel fire with water. Every housewife knows you don't spray water on a grease or oil fire; both military and civilian aviation fire fighters know you don't spray water on an aviation fuel fire.

* They allowed the fire to spread until the upper floors of the Pentagon collapsed, burying Army and Navy personnel in the debris and further hampering their rescue.

* Once the upper floors collapsed, the directors of the rescue flouted standard rescue procedures for collapsed buildings.

* While there should still have been hope of finding survivors alive, they used a wrecking ball to demolish sections of the building still standing. Many additional tons of debris crashed down upon the already buried victims, almost certainly collapsing any spaces or voids which may have sheltering victims in the original debris.

* When qualified emergency medical technicians arrived by helicopter to rescue the victims, they were ordered to leave and forbidden from returning. One wave of survivors were brought out, and then there were no more . . .

* One flimsy excuse after the other was used to stop the work and delay rescue operations.

* Civilian rescuers worked long shifts and became exhausted with wrongheaded methods. Meanwhile, thousands of able-bodied military personnel at nearby bases -- including those specially trained in putting out aviation fires -- sat and watched the drama on TV.

* Surviving military intelligence officers lost jurisdiction over military intelligence documents and those documents were collected by civilians not cleared to see them.

According to Valentine, one excuse after another was used to slow down the rescue process and there was good reason to believe survivors could have been retrieved from the collapsed Pentagon area.

She makes the point that on Sept 11, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was General Henry Hugh Shelton, a former CIC of the Special Operations Command, whose motto was "Leave No Man Behind". And yet Shelton and other military personnel appeared to stand around during artifical delays while possible Pentagon survivors perished. Meanwhile, the Pentagon was making a PR spectacular of the fire.

There is also the case of who first came to fight the fires at the Pentagon:

* Military aviation firefighters from nearby bases should have been called to extinguish the fire from the (alleged) crash of Flight 77, but were not;

* Civilian firefighters were used instead;

* Fire fighters use foam, not water, to extinguish aviation fuel fires;

* Pentagon fire fighters used water, not foam, on the fire;

* The fire burned for at least 60 hours -- it was still burning late Thursday, September 13.

On 27 June 2002 Valentine published her thoughts to four Internet Usenet groups: soc.veterans, rec.aviation.military, alt.politics.bush, alt.disasters.aviation.

Aside from a series of unsatisfactory arguments, she was referred to an article alleging that foam WAS used at the Pentagon to bring the main fire under control in seven minutes.

It was entitled "ARFF [Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting] Crews Respond to the Front Line at Pentagon" written by Stephen Murphy, the executive editor of the National Fire Protection Association Journal ("NFPA Journal"). The dateline stated the article was published on November 1, 2001.

The article claimed that a Reagan Airport aircraft rescue fire fighting team had been attending to an airport car accident and responded to the smoke at the Pentagon. They got there in 3 mins (9.41 am) and put the main fires out in 7 mins (9.48 am) using foam.

End of story, it would seem. Well not quite.

* Their on-the-spot heroism and competence got no media attention whatsoever.

* The DoD photographers on the scene didn't record the Reagan National story on DoD websites.

* The photographs (and captions) on official DoD websites showed water being sprayed on the fire.

* DoD journalists who wrote stories about the Pentagon fire and rescue didn't record the Reagan National ARFF story either.

* The Arlington four County Fire Chief (who allegedly directed the fire fighting effort) failed to mention their efforts at a series of press conferences.

* Nor did Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton or Army Secretary White at their press conferences.


* The NFPA Journal article was an 'exclusive'. No other media outlets obtained the story.

* There was a url to the online story. But the NFPA Journal's archives showed that the story did NOT run in the Nov/Dec 2001 issue despite other 911 items being included.

* Even after its 'publication', the dramatic story of the Reagan National fire fighters failed to make the main stream media.

* The NFPA article appears to have been produced specifically to address public objections about firefighters at the Pentagon using water to fight jet fuel fires.

There's some interesting WACO connections here -

"After the April 19 Waco fire went out, Special Operations-cum-FBI-cum-Israel's gofers sent down two world renowned Smithsonian Institution forensic scientists to help cook up the fraudulent autopsy reports: Drs. Douglas Owsley and Douglas Ubelaker, from the Division of Physical Anthropology at the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. They put their names on autopsy reports that contained lots of obvious lies about how victims were killed in the fire or crushed in a structural collapse, etc."

Now here's the creepy par. The FBI was put in control of the Pentagon zone following 911. Guess who they called in to do the autopsies? - Owsley and Ubelaker.

"The Waco affair was disguised as a law-enforcement action gone wrong, but it was a Special Operations junket from start to finish. Who was the commander of the Special Operations Command in April 1993 at Waco? It was Gen. Wayne Allan Downing."

The Waco incident was so messy, Downing was forced to retire. Gen. Henry Hugh Shelton succeeded Downing as CIC of the Special Operations Command. That's the same Gen.Shelton who was Chairman USJCS on 911 who stood around and allowed civilians to carry out snail pace rescue efforts at the Pentagon.

Less than a month after 911, Wayne Downing came out of retirement to become the national director and deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism. He reports directly to NSA Condoleezza Rice and Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge. His job is "to detect, disrupt and destroy global terrorist organizations and those who support them." (#)

So, the guys who did the autopsies at Waco did the autopsies at the Pentagon. The guys who carried out Waco are now reinstalled to hunt down terrorists. But on 911 those guys sat around while rescuers worked at a snail's pace to rescue their military buddies.

There's more to follow.... the FBI that supervised Waco were allowed to secure the Pentagon on 911, not the military. They also secured classified military intelligence documents.

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