12 August 2006


Crisis in America

Clarifying the Historical Record

by John Albanese (#)

(John Albanese is producer of the film “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” and director of The 9/11 Film Retrospective in NYC)

There is a great passage in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 in which history is shown to be a tool of the state. Events and facts are regularly scrubbed from the public records, rewritten and adjusted to reflected the needs and will of the ruling party. Wars and alliances are themselves subjective events:

“……..the frightening thing was that it might all be true. If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened -- that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death?

The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed -if all records told the same tale -- then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. 'Reality control', they called it: in Newspeak, 'doublethink'.”

- George Orwell “1984” (Chapter 3)

Such is the case with 9/11. For years 9/11 researchers have toiled under the handicap of certain deleterious names and attacks. We have been called “conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream media and public alike, for doing nothing more than seeking a clear historical record of the events of 9/11.

Now, after 5 years we have proof positive from the 9/11 Commission itself that what 9/11 researchers have known and espoused for years. NORAD’s accounting of the events associated with our failed air defenses on 9/11 was simply not the truth.

“Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon's initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources involved in the debate.”

- Washington Post August 2, 2006

So what did happen to our air defenses on that fateful day?

Does the American public have a right to know?

But it doesn’t stop there. 9/11 researchers from around the world now know that nearly every aspect of 9/11 is just as mired in confusion and deceit. Nothing appears to add up.

Voluminous amounts of evidence, compiled by independent researchers and independent journalists, and readily available to the general public, appears to simply be ignored by the 9/11 Commission and the mainstream media.


Putting 9/11 aside, we are confronted with many profound questions regarding the efficacy and integrity of our very society when scholars and historians are discouraged from doing their jobs, and relegated to being referred to as “conspiracy theorists” for doing nothing more than attempting to clarify the historical record.

That is, after all, what historians do. They compile facts and clarify the historical record.

Historians document and explain the idiosyncrasies and unknown facts surrounding momentous events in history. Some historians have made entire careers of examining the precipitating factors leading up to World War 1 or the Civil War or the Depression or Pearl Harbor. Historians research, compile and document.

Yet, a veil of mystery enshrouds America’s darkest day. It appears that the subject of 9/11 is simply off limits. Even the 9/11 Commission itself, charged with reporting the truth to the American public, went forward with its report based on information that it now openly acknowledges was inaccurate, and possibly intentionally felonious.

“Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources.”

- Washington Post August 2, 2006

Is the 9/11 Commission also complicit in knowingly deceiving the American public by publishing its report based on this deception?

And as legitimate scholars such as David Ray Griffin come out of retirement to step forward, (possessing an unblemished thirty-year career in academia, a professor emeritus and a leading exponent of the process of philosophy and theology) to produce impeccably researched, footnoted and scholarly documented books on the subject of 9/11, it remains in some strange virtual form of limbo in the publishing world – inexplicably not reviewed (which is unheard of) and not acknowledged as even existing by the mainstream media.

And so, like the fictional Winston in Orwell’s 1984 who is confronted by a state-sponsored reality directly antithetical to the truth, we must all become historians in a sense, because when clarifying the historical record becomes a revolutionary act, we have become a society in dire need of a revolution.

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