01 July 2007


kill 'em all

Texas Fred has some pretty strong views on the jihadists:

The suicide bomber is the insurgents weapon of choice, they know that short of mobilizing Islam in it’s entirety, there is no way they can go head to head against our military, they just don’t have the organization and logistics, but they are NEVER going to run out of moonbats willing to die a martyrs death in their battle against the 'Great Satan', us…

...For some reason, no one can get it through George Bush’s head, this IS a war, and to win it we will have to kill a lot of radical Muslims, and that in itself will further inflame the emotions of even more Muslims, this is not just a battle, it IS a war, and soon it will be a World War, and we will either defeat and erase Islam from the face of this earth or they will defeat and eradicate all Christians and Jews…

I don’t recall starting this fight, we didn’t attack Islam, radical Islam attacked us.

One of his commentators, Ranando helped him out:

"No such thing, the only Moderate, Peace Loving Muslims I know of are DEAD Muslims."

To which Texas Fred added:

I know, I was giving a bit of benefit of the doubt, just to semi pacify the wussies among us that get all pissed off when I say, KILL EM ALL AND LET ALLAH SORT EM OUT!!

Now, I tried responding at Texas Fred's place but they kinda refused my posts. So here's what you couldn't share with your readers Fred. They can read it here.

Texas Fred, you say: The suicide bomber is the insurgents weapon of choice.

Your generalized jihad against Muslims is misplaced. The "suicide bombers" are mostly Saudis:

"In March 2005, Israeli terrorism expert Reuven Paz analyzed a number of the more credible jihadist websites profiling the foreign "martyrs" of the Iraq insurgency, and published a report on the composition of those who had been killed fighting in Iraq over the proceeding six-month period.

Of the 154 reported deaths, he found that 94 (or 61%) were Saudi Arabian. When he focused specifically on those who died as suicide bombers, Paz found that a full 23 out of 33 (or 70%) were Saudis.

These findings were subsequently reproduced by investigative units from The Washington Post, and NBC News. Indeed, in June 2005, NBC News reviewed the biographical information of more than 400 foreign insurgents who had died in Iraq over the previous two years, and found that 55% were from Saudi Arabia.

American terrorism expert Prof. Mohammed Hafez later conducted a similar review. He reported that, of the 92 suicide bombers in Iraq that he was able to identify by name and nationality, 44 were Saudi Arabian."


"More recently, in January 2007, a senior U.S. official confirmed to The Financial Times that "75-80 per cent of the estimated 75 suicide bombings a month were carried out by foreigners, and that Saudi Arabia and Sudan were the most common countries of origin.""

Saudi Arabia is a US ally in the war on terror. In June 2006 Senators Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took part in a Congressional hearing that explored the sources of funding for Islamic terrorism. For the Saudis, it was a devastating exercise. Despite protests from Saudi-defenders at the State Dept. and unnamed senior administration officials that the Saudis are helping in the War on Terror, the FBI's assistant director for CounterTerrorism called Saudi Arabia the "epicenter" of terror funding. When asked if that included al Qaeda, he said, "Yes." That's Saudi funding for al Qaeda to this day. Officially, these are our allies in the war on terror.

If you want someone to blame for the suicide bombings in Iraq, Texas Fred, then Saudi Arabia are hands down the people to blame.

Here's some more, Texas Fred...

You say The suicide bomber is the insurgents weapon of choice.

The "insurgents" are mostly Iraqis resisting an illegal occupation of their land and US-imposed oil laws that will dispossess them of 80% of Iraq's natural resources. They are also involved in a Shia-Sunni sectarian conflict in which the US has, until recently, been taking sides with the Shiaa. The al Qaeda operatives (about 5% of all insurgent activity) have been supporting Sunni against the Shiaa and have been backed by Saudi Arabia. Both Sunni and Shiaa Iraqis are in agreement though: they want the US OUT and they want to keep their own oil. Once the Americans are gone the Sunni Iraqis will send the Saudis and al Qaeda packing. The Iraqi people are not interested in jihadism and they have no interest in attacking America or terrorist activities in the US.

If you had studied the oil laws foisted recently by the US on an unwilling Iraqi people (which accounts for 90% of their GDP) you would find that 60% of the oil is to be given to half a dozen foreign oil companies, a further 20% is to be distributed to the regions (Sunni, Shiaa, Kurd) by a statutory body consisting of foreign oil company representatives and the remaining 20% belongs to the Iraqi national government to run the country.

In economic terms this means 80% of Iraq's national resources will be owned or run by foreign oil companies who will also be effectively running a partitioned Iraq. The National government will be an impotent, economic rump. It is this criminal arrangement that is uniting many Shiaas, Sunnis and Kurds against the US. It is beyond sectarianism and terrorism. The al-Maliki supporters have sold their soul to the US in return for political power. While they may nominally seek a united Iraq, in economic and real terms a partitioned Iraq is well on the way.

(see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)

The US government has worked consistently against an independant, united Iraq from day one. When Gen.Jay Garner took charge of the US occupation in April 2003 he lasted only a few days before Rumsfeld sacked him. Why? Because Garner had been able to obtain agreement from ALL Iraqi leaders for elections in 90 days, they key carrot being that Iraqis would own and manage their own oil. Rumsfeld sacked him and sent in Paul Bremmer, who deferred the elections for a year in order to implement a 101 page plan that called for a sell off of all of Iraq's national assets.

As Greg Palast noted:

"The Plan included the sale of Iraq’s banks, and weirdly, changing it’s copyright laws and other odd items that made the plan look less like a program for Iraq to get on its feet than a program for corporate looting of the nation’s assets. (And indeed, we discovered at BBC, behind many of the odder elements — copyright and tax code changes — was the hand of lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s associate Grover Norquist.) But Garner didn’t think much of The Plan, he told me when we met a year later in Washington. He had other things on his mind. 'You prevent epidemics, you start the food distribution program to prevent famine.'"

As of June 2007 the US produced Iraqi oil laws have yet to be ratified by the Iraq parliament. When Cheney recently visited Saudi Arabia and Iraq his No.1 agenda priority was the passage of these oil laws. He doesn't give a damn about Iraq, democracy, al Qaeda or anything else. And none of it has anything to do with Islamic jihadism. If the Americans and the Iraqis can figure out what's going on, Texas Fred, why can't you ?

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