21 August 2006


Bush 9/11 assassination attempt

The night before 9/11 Bush was staying at the Colony Beach Resort on Longboat Key in Sarasota.

At 6am on the morning of 9/11 four Arab men in a white van attempted to gain entrance to ostensibly interview Bush - with a possible assassination in mind.

This was a ruse similar to that used just two days earlier to assassinate the Taliban's chief opponent, Ahmad Shah Massoud, a popular, nationalist Afghan leader with Russian sympathies who would have been the US's least desirable ruler of Afghanistan. The decision to invade Afghanistan was supposedly only thought up after 9/11. The US invaded and they got their preferred choice, Hamid Kharzi. A stroke of luck, eh?

Bush's security guards at Sarasoto referred these "6am journos" to the Public Relations Office in Washington. They disappear from the 9/11 narrative shortly after. There was also some arab guys [possibly Moroccan] in Sarasota driving around in a white van yelling "God is Great" etc on 9/11. These too disappear from the public narrative.

Here are some links: (link)(link)(link)

There are some who suggest that British Intelligence was involved in (or at least aware of) the assassination of Shah Massoud. (link)(link)(link)

And that the "journalists" attempting to interview Bush may have rebels from the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (link)(link)

There is a very interesting discussion about how Bush may have actually been an assassination target on 9/11. (link)

It's not well known, for instance, that in the weeks prior to September 11, 24-hour fighter cover was placed over the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas. (link).

Some have suggested that the [US and/or western intelligence] organisers of 9/11 may have wanted to slip VP Cheney into the lead role.

Here's a nice coincidence that might support this idea:

"Just three nights before President George W Bush arrived at the swank Colony Resort on Longboat Key on the evening of Sept 10, 2001, Mohamed Atta was staying at a slightly-less tony hotel just two miles down the beach, the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites—Longboat Key, according to eyewitnesses who contacted the FBI in the immediate aftermath of the attack."[Bush and Atta Visit Same Resort in the Hours Leading to 9-11, Daniel Hopsicker, Venice, FL, 7/29/2002]

There's a whole range of interesting aspects to the 9/11 "assassination attempt":

* It's possible (but unlikely) that this incident was part of a PR exercise produced in relation to 9/11 by the Bush admin. (This is especially unlikely, if the story line was that 9/11 was unexpected. How could you explain the 24/7 fighter jets over Crawford during Aug - early Sept).

* The Security Service knew of the Shah Massoud assassination. There would seem to be no good reason why they would allow these "journalists" who sought an interview at 6.00 am to simply go on their way without detaining or investigating them.

* If they were from the Sudanese People's Liberation Army, and they did intend to assassinate Bush, then the argument is that this was a plot by Cheney backers (and the real intelligence perps of 9/11) to install Cheney.

* Elements of UK intelligence may have been involved in 9/11. This is a credible idea, since 22,000 UK troops had been prepositioned in the ME prior to 9/11 [indicating some foreknowledge] and were then available to take part in the Afghanistan invasion.

* These "6am journos" appear to have neither been identified or captured following 9/11 which, of itself, is disturbing in its implications.

There's also an absolutely terrific read (link) pointing to possible Mossad involvement in 9/11 and the role of corporate sponsorship:

"Actual financial ownership of the school[Huffman] has not been thoroughly documented, but the consensus appears to be that it was under the ownership of Oryx Investments, an investment holding company formed in Dubai by Adnan Khashoggi, Sheik Kamal Adham, director of Saudi intelligence (1963-79), and Wallace J. Hilliard."

Hilliard had business involvements with Mark Shubin, who worked for the CIA as a pilot. He had business involvements with Ken Good:

"Good had been one of Neil Bush’s cronies in the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle. Kenneth Good was a big part of the Silverado Savings and Loan collapse. He was in business with Neil Bush. In fact, Ken Good had been so clearly a Bush family retainer that it strained credulity to think that Shubin—and Wally Hilliard—now were not similarly connected."

The best account of Bush's day overall on 9/11 is the Paul Thompson account. (link)

Hopsicker also is the best starting point for looking at the events in Florida. (link)

So, that's a start. Whatever was going on with these "6am journos" this reported assassination exercise is an important event on 9/11 touching on a lot of key players with a lot of possibilities. More work needed....

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